My Little Star again.

I have a new phone and the camera is amazing, and my focus has been catching my little Tahni at various times.

The trouble with smartphones is that you need to be smart to use them, annnnnd having not bothered before apart from a very old Razor mobile I finally bought a new one .

I have only locked it up once so far LOL and a friend got to sort that out for me, it has more apps than a supersonic jet, I just wish one of them was dusting!!

Just as much fun to play with is the tablet that I got to match, and also addictive. But I digress, my main use of the said phone is catching poor Tahni when she least expects it, this is payback for wanting to play while I am trying to watch a movie LOL.

This little lady is non stop playtime and by bedtime her eyes start to drop a little and she grabs her fave toy of he moment and off to sleep she goes.

So Dreamtime Tahni just about to drop off to sleep.

To Sleep to Dream

She snores a lot.

Have a Great Day

Much Love




Nile Karas of FLOWERDREAMS has embraced a mix of mesh and prims to create some truly pretty Gowns and Dresses, and not only that she still does her Special Offer from Thursday through until Sunday where she will put out one or sometimes two of her fabulously Feminine creations at the insanely Low price of 55Ls.
Last Weeks has come and gone, but there will be another one coming up this Thursday and it will be as gorgeous as ever.

For Now I am concentrating on a few of her latest releases, So First up is ELAH in Ivory!

A classic fitted Gown, with Beautiful floaty frills that make sure you get noticed on the dance floor.

Then we have ANASTASIA
ANASTASIA/FD/Xia Firethorn
Reminiscent of Old time Royalty but with a sexy cut, perfect for that Masked Ball or RP, stunning in its not so innocent innocence.

DELILAH/FD/Xia Firethorn
As the name suggests, Stunningly Exotic, this is the Earth version all gowns mentioned come in several different textures, just head to the store to see so much more.

Finally we have GILDA extremely smexy, with a Mesh corset, lace skirt and back, complete with stockings, I Dare you to wear this, but make sure you have your pepper spray handy LOL,
GILDA/FD/Xia Firethorn
This is GILDA Midnight, but my fave is the GILDA Old Time Roses version, I am so in love with the Design of this corset-
GILDA/FD/Xia Firethorn

Diverse Designs but always purely feminine is atypical of Nile karas of FLOWERDREAMS so head to the Store and delight in Lace and lovEliness.

and because I know Nile loves Coldplay
For you Nile

Have a Beautiful day Everyone
Much Love

My little star!

Tahni came needing a home a few years ago and having lost my two other dogs I was determined not to have any more, Butttt I just couldn’t resist her. She has been, and continues to be a little Star.

Its MY Chew! and MY biscuits!!

Its MY Chew! and MY biscuits!!

Have a wonderful Day
Much love

Thanking Nile Karas of FLOWERDREAMS

I have to say Thank You to Nile, she has been and still is a wonderful and caring friend. Her creations so artfully crafted and so feminine, Once upon a time SL was full of places to go where a gown was a necessity, always staing please wear formal.

Not so much now and in some ways its a little sad that SL is merging so closely to RL Do I really want to look like the CHAV in the town centres (no thanks), the magic and fantasy lessens. FLOWERDREAMS Gowns are truly fantasy and therefore hold a touch of magic, One of my all time faves is the Princess Turandot gown it is so pretty. So Thank You Nile for keeping a little Magic in SL.


Gown by Flowerdreams

Hair Damselfly

Satin footstraps by ZIBSKA

Music my Muse

Have a Wonderful Day
Much love


 Xia Firethorn

I am slowly getting through my inventory and my files, I need to change my computer over, as this one (which Ilove, keeps overheating, tbh it has since I bought it, but trying to get Toshiba to do anything about it has been fruitless. This is the last Toshiba I will ever buy grrowll.
I found an older pic of EMOtions Hair, and I do so love Mirja Mills Creations, whilst she makes some fabulous formal and casual styles, her Fantasy section is where I always peek first.

This one is from when I was blogging EMOtions hair, so a Big Thank You to Mirja.

There are times in SL when you meet someone and get close, but its a very illusory platform, and sometimes its just better to walk away. Emotions can run high, and the ensuing Drama that happens is just ridiculous. Now I tend to stay well away from SL Close friendships, I would like to say SL had changed me for the better, but it has really opened my eyes to Human nature, and I wish I could close them again. But for all that, it still is a wonderful platform to play in.
Do Enjoy your Game and remember to many, it is just a Game.
Music my Muse.

Much Love


My sweet friend Susy bought me a beautiful gift, Now I love all things fantasy and this little cat was just too cute, it walks with you and will even TP to another sim with you, so now I am never alone, Thank you Susy.

For a long time now I have been a platinum member of AZUL and when Mami does a group gift gown it is always always a top range one, usually one of the gowns that is new and instore, but in a special color.
This is the New group Gift from AZUL for Platinum members only, yes there is a restriction on the membership and to be invited you do have to buy some gowns, but in the long run it really is worth it.

so Thank You Susy and Thank You AZUL!!
Much love

Xia Firethorn - Gifts

and as always Music my Muse !

Have a Fabulous week xox

Wish you were here!

The Annual Hair fair is this weekend, but No landmark has been given yet, this one promises to be amazing, but then it usually is.
With the advent of Mesh I am seeing some very plastic looking hair, although it doesn’t cut through your avi, well at least if its made well, Some just look like a plastic cap on your head

I am so looking forward to EMO tions new releases they’re fantasy based, so for me just fabulous.

However I also like some of the older hair and this one from BOUDOIR as its name suggests a Fairytale, its probably one of my all time faves.

I don;t have the Land mark for the fair, so if you do and you are by some miracle reading this, do Please drop it into the comment box for people who may like it, and Thank You for doing so.

Have Fun at the Hair fair, remember its not a flippin fashion show, so please use low lag clothes etc and remove any huds you really dont need, its Lag City at the best of times, so be considerate.

Wish you were  here

Lost and found One

I seem to have been sent items that I did not know about, and I can only apologise that I haven’t responded to the Senders.
I am slowly and I mean slowly, tring to clean out this Inworld wardrobe/storage, there are so many items still in boxes and some that I truly had no notification of being sent, so hopefully I will get to those take a shot and say Thank You.
This pretty Blue dress -Taylor by Sabra Style is One such Item, cute and casual.
I teamed it with the previous jewelry set, not because it was easy but because it worked with the outfit, adding some of my fave hair from EMOtions and pose click.
Sabra style/Xia Firethorn

Terra d’ombrA *Maizon Rayna, TerradOmbra (215, 180, 23) – Moderate
Hair EMO tions

By Sabra Style – Classic Couture for Elegant Women

Sabra Style Means Service

Visit in Second Life:

The Renaissance Galleria:
The Rose Theatre:
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Sayin It

Back out of hospital for now, fingers crossed again.
I logged in to find I had been given a gift by Terra D’ombrA *Maizon Rayna Couture.
Now when someone is kind enough to send me a gift, I do like to take a pic of it.
kindly Given to me for liking Terra D’ombrA in FB, So Thank you <3

Hair Courtesy of EMO tions

ps DIRAM have a 50percent Sale on for Mesh Items atm <3

Pose by Bauhaus Movement.

Have a Great day



More Info
Terra D’ombrA *Maizon Rayna Couture

“Exquisitely detailed, accurately textured, perfectly accessorised, Terra D’ombrA produces the elegance of Italian design.”

web site sl

web site rl


****!Terra d’ombrA *Maizon Rayna, TerradOmbra (215, 180, 23) – Moderate

and because I have an EVIL sense of Humor.

Have a Super Bitchy Day
Much Love