ZIBSKA is a brand that is not only Diversive and supremely Unique in Second Life, Zib herself is a visonary designer.

I have been lucky enough in my past SL life to have been gifted by Zib items that excite and inspire. I also have bought many items from this designer and always have been impressed with the quality and construction involved.
Whilst appreciating items given to me to blog, I am also happy to buy items to blog that I particularly am inspired by.
The following shots of Zibska’s creations are a mix of items kindly sent by Zibs herself (Thankyou so much ZIBSKA)
and items I have happily bought.


So for this styling I am wearing


Zibska Meraude Dress in Black and white.

Zibska Sanctum shadow in Coal

Zibsks Hair Petra In Black

Zibska bangles part of the AlessaTarte Ensemble,

Zibska Cateline Necklace and earrings


her fabulous HAT

ZELLE and her Jewelry Zellie

so Fabulously Constructed it Screams ART

and if you want to see more of her Truly Inspiring Creations then visit her Fabulous Blog for updates information and New Creations


This is  the  fabulous PEREO Hair
This is the fabulous PEREO Hair from ZIBSKA just one of the amazing and unusual syles availale, so if you are looking for something fabulously and unique, ZIBSKA us the place to check out!

and finally in time for Halloween

xia firethorn, ZIBSKA

Corbin Headpiece from ZIBSKA

EYElashes by no7.

The Fabulous EYEMAKE UP – SANCTUM is also by ZIBSKA available at her Mainstore

Just a FEW of my FAVE ZIBSKA things.
Have a Great Week
Much Love

A precautionary tale of SL Extortion


I reblogged this, That is appalling, Now you know why I left the model groups pfft, I am disgusted by this !!!

Originally posted on Zibska:


It is my opinion that actions from a “blogger” and aspiring “designer” like this is Second Life are not acceptable and amount to extortion.

You give me all your stuff for free or I will talk shit about you.

On September 9th I made a flickr post looking for photographers. www.flickr.com/photos/zibska/15001402197/ On the 13th I updated the Photographers wanted post with “Thank you for your replies, I will be contacting those of you who have been accepted in the next day or two. <3″

I got an overwhelming reply to the open application and diligently went thru each and every stream and blog giving consideration to present quality of work and/or future potential of all those who applied then got in touch with those who were accepted.

Paradox had blogged for me previously, I often give people who are just starting out a little help in pursuing their SL fashion…

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The Myth of Individualism


So True!

Originally posted on Art by Rob Goldstein:

If someone wants to use his innate gifts
and education to pursue the acquisition
of expensive antiques, that is his right.

But, he doesn’t have the right of exclusive
access to healthcare, food, and education.

These are essential to survival.

No one has the right to own the quality
of another person’s future.

To use the power of the government to
impose destitution by depriving
people of basic services is more bestial
than slavery.

I think that if you asked, most people
would say no to a legal system that
places property rights above human

Imagine “nag ware” installed in your
mind to remind you of the human
condition and your role in changing

Imagine a pop-up screen that reminds
you that none of us is immune to

The half-truth that drives the modern
myth of ‘individualism” is correct
for those people who have access
to the…

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Woot Bouquet has been very busy with her latest collection and I am so in LOVE with these DUO Sets, Stylish as always, with Bold Colors, there are several to choose from I like alllllll of them
check out [VM] Blog here for more detailed info and even MORE of her latest collection.


or the Flickr Link


There is a Color to suit everyone
here I am wearing the white one
xia Firethorn/[VM]VERO MODERO
shot taken outside the Mainstore


Hair Analog Dog
Clutch Glam Affair

Music my Muse

Have a Fabulous Day
Much Love
Thanking Bouquet for the kind Gift of the DUO SETS xox

Win The Belleza Mesh Body!



Originally posted on FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL:

Enter To Win The Mesh Belleza Body!

Whoa… what a beautiful body! I can’t take credit for that hot shot above, this is Belleza’s vendor ad for their new mesh body and I don’t have one… yet lol.  They are putting on a contest where you can enter to win the brand new, soon to be released Belleza Mesh Body.  How it works is you sign up, and then have people sign up under you.  The leader in points will then be the winner.  The link I am passing out is just the direct link – not a link from my entry so I will not be personally benefiting (just so you know ;))  – Good luck!!


FabFree - New Logo

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LD at The Instruments

I logged in this morning to find LD had sent me a Dress, I have a bit of a collection from LD: all of them very beautiful I have to say, This one in Sangria is from there New collection.
LD Bodega Dress available from the Instruments event in several colors, satin smooth with a sexy side split, this Dress will cause Fireworks wherever you go.

The Instruments. , Dandelion (73, 178, 24) – Moderate

Hair by Exile
Jewelry by Mandala
Nails by Jamman
Clutch by Indy and co (not sure if still available)
Shoes New by Bens Boutique-Pamela Stiletto (marketplace)

xia Firethorn LD (2)


Have a fabulous Weekend ,
Much Love


My Little Star again.

I have a new phone and the camera is amazing, and my focus has been catching my little Tahni at various times.

The trouble with smartphones is that you need to be smart to use them, annnnnd having not bothered before apart from a very old Razor mobile I finally bought a new one .

I have only locked it up once so far LOL and a friend got to sort that out for me, it has more apps than a supersonic jet, I just wish one of them was dusting!!

Just as much fun to play with is the tablet that I got to match, and also addictive. But I digress, my main use of the said phone is catching poor Tahni when she least expects it, this is payback for wanting to play while I am trying to watch a movie LOL.

This little lady is non stop playtime and by bedtime her eyes start to drop a little and she grabs her fave toy of he moment and off to sleep she goes.

So Dreamtime Tahni just about to drop off to sleep.

To Sleep to Dream

She snores a lot.

Have a Great Day

Much Love




Nile Karas of FLOWERDREAMS has embraced a mix of mesh and prims to create some truly pretty Gowns and Dresses, and not only that she still does her Special Offer from Thursday through until Sunday where she will put out one or sometimes two of her fabulously Feminine creations at the insanely Low price of 55Ls.
Last Weeks has come and gone, but there will be another one coming up this Thursday and it will be as gorgeous as ever.

For Now I am concentrating on a few of her latest releases, So First up is ELAH in Ivory!

A classic fitted Gown, with Beautiful floaty frills that make sure you get noticed on the dance floor.

Then we have ANASTASIA
ANASTASIA/FD/Xia Firethorn
Reminiscent of Old time Royalty but with a sexy cut, perfect for that Masked Ball or RP, stunning in its not so innocent innocence.

DELILAH/FD/Xia Firethorn
As the name suggests, Stunningly Exotic, this is the Earth version all gowns mentioned come in several different textures, just head to the store to see so much more.

Finally we have GILDA extremely smexy, with a Mesh corset, lace skirt and back, complete with stockings, I Dare you to wear this, but make sure you have your pepper spray handy LOL,
GILDA/FD/Xia Firethorn
This is GILDA Midnight, but my fave is the GILDA Old Time Roses version, I am so in love with the Design of this corset-
GILDA/FD/Xia Firethorn

Diverse Designs but always purely feminine is atypical of Nile karas of FLOWERDREAMS so head to the Store and delight in Lace and lovEliness.


and because I know Nile loves Coldplay
For you Nile

Have a Beautiful day Everyone
Much Love