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I am slowly getting through my inventory and my files, I need to change my computer over, as this one (which Ilove, keeps overheating, tbh it has since I bought it, but trying to get Toshiba to do anything about it has been fruitless. This is the last Toshiba I will ever buy grrowll.
I found an older pic of EMOtions Hair, and I do so love Mirja Mills Creations, whilst she makes some fabulous formal and casual styles, her Fantasy section is where I always peek first.

This one is from when I was blogging EMOtions hair, so a Big Thank You to Mirja.

There are times in SL when you meet someone and get close, but its a very illusory platform, and sometimes its just better to walk away. Emotions can run high, and the ensuing Drama that happens is just ridiculous. Now I tend to stay well away from SL Close friendships, I would like to say SL had changed me for the better, but it has really opened my eyes to Human nature, and I wish I could close them again. But for all that, it still is a wonderful platform to play in.
Do Enjoy your Game and remember to many, it is just a Game.
Music my Muse.

Much Love


My sweet friend Susy bought me a beautiful gift, Now I love all things fantasy and this little cat was just too cute, it walks with you and will even TP to another sim with you, so now I am never alone, Thank you Susy.

For a long time now I have been a platinum member of AZUL and when Mami does a group gift gown it is always always a top range one, usually one of the gowns that is new and instore, but in a special color.
This is the New group Gift from AZUL for Platinum members only, yes there is a restriction on the membership and to be invited you do have to buy some gowns, but in the long run it really is worth it.

so Thank You Susy and Thank You AZUL!!
Much love

Xia Firethorn - Gifts

and as always Music my Muse !

Have a Fabulous week xox

Wish you were here!

The Annual Hair fair is this weekend, but No landmark has been given yet, this one promises to be amazing, but then it usually is.
With the advent of Mesh I am seeing some very plastic looking hair, although it doesn’t cut through your avi, well at least if its made well, Some just look like a plastic cap on your head

I am so looking forward to EMO tions new releases they’re fantasy based, so for me just fabulous.

However I also like some of the older hair and this one from BOUDOIR as its name suggests a Fairytale, its probably one of my all time faves.

I don;t have the Land mark for the fair, so if you do and you are by some miracle reading this, do Please drop it into the comment box for people who may like it, and Thank You for doing so.

Have Fun at the Hair fair, remember its not a flippin fashion show, so please use low lag clothes etc and remove any huds you really dont need, its Lag City at the best of times, so be considerate.

Wish you were  here

Lost and found One

I seem to have been sent items that I did not know about, and I can only apologise that I haven’t responded to the Senders.
I am slowly and I mean slowly, tring to clean out this Inworld wardrobe/storage, there are so many items still in boxes and some that I truly had no notification of being sent, so hopefully I will get to those take a shot and say Thank You.
This pretty Blue dress -Taylor by Sabra Style is One such Item, cute and casual.
I teamed it with the previous jewelry set, not because it was easy but because it worked with the outfit, adding some of my fave hair from EMOtions and pose click.
Sabra style/Xia Firethorn

Terra d’ombrA *Maizon Rayna, TerradOmbra (215, 180, 23) – Moderate
Hair EMO tions

By Sabra Style – Classic Couture for Elegant Women

Sabra Style Means Service

Visit in Second Life:

The Renaissance Galleria:
The Rose Theatre:
London City – Soho District:

Second Life Marketplace:

Sabra Designs Blog:

Sabra Style on Facebook:

Sayin It

Back out of hospital for now, fingers crossed again.
I logged in to find I had been given a gift by Terra D’ombrA *Maizon Rayna Couture.
Now when someone is kind enough to send me a gift, I do like to take a pic of it.
kindly Given to me for liking Terra D’ombrA in FB, So Thank you <3

Hair Courtesy of EMO tions

ps DIRAM have a 50percent Sale on for Mesh Items atm <3

Pose by Bauhaus Movement.

Have a Great day



More Info
Terra D’ombrA *Maizon Rayna Couture

“Exquisitely detailed, accurately textured, perfectly accessorised, Terra D’ombrA produces the elegance of Italian design.”

web site sl

web site rl


****!Terra d’ombrA *Maizon Rayna, TerradOmbra (215, 180, 23) – Moderate

and because I have an EVIL sense of Humor.

Have a Super Bitchy Day
Much Love

There be Butterflies

Most things are possible in SL, you can be a unicorn one day, a mermaid the next and the only limit is your imagination.

I like a lot of people Love Summer, The warmth, the Sun, Flowers and all the attendant creatures that appear, one of my faves is Butterflies and having popped into Topazia I found some amazing Headdresses full of them and so inspired, here was the result!

Xia (2)

If you want Butterflies for your hair here is the LM

and as always Music is my Muse

Have a Wonderful day
Much Love

Just Playing

I am now relaxing and just doing what I want to, When I want to, SL has been manic for me over the past year.

Now its time to play with images taken inworld, I will always of course try to mention the maker of whatever I am wearing as some of them are really fabulous and deserve applause for their sheer Creativity.

Of course I am spending hours in You Tube I am an addict.

Having always been a Coldplay fan I cant get enough of their Album Ghost Stories One of their best Albums to date in my humble opinion.

So for inspiration I have music as my Muse.


Do have a Wonderful Week
Much Love

Taking it Slowly!!

After a shock spell in Hospital, and now finding out I have a heart condition to add to the other shit (Drunk Drivers I hate them) thrown my way, My blog is now kind of on a back burner.

I have finally got the SL model thing out of my system and left all the agencies I was with. Some with sadness MA and others gladly.

In fact I am barely going into SL these days, preferring to mooch thro my garden and also veg out in front of the TV, yeahhhh they said No exercise for now woot!!

OG Healthy diet, I will look like a frekin lettuce soon, the thought of a yummy thick Cheese sauce over pasta aaaaa such are dreams made of. saying that I have always been one who eats to live rather than one who lives to eat.

So please if you have anything that suddenly appears out of the blue health wise, Get to the Docs to have it checked, it may be scary I know but trust me it could save your life.

Have a Happy and healthy Summer and don’t forget the SPF.
Much love
Xia Casual Firethorn

Skin Fair 2014


Info reblogged from Zibska, check out her website!

Originally posted on Zibska:


While the 2014 Skin Fair officially opens tomorrow, early access is now open to all members of the Skin Addiction and PaleGirl Productions Info groups in-world!

This year cosmetics creators have been invited to participate, so participate I did. I think I misunderstood the requirements a touch and instead of having 20 new releases i.e. a couple of new makeups in a bunch of individual colours, I created 20 new makeup packs. I’m not really an over achiever sort but hey, we have quite a variety to choose from now :)

Getting around. The sim setup is super, optimised for speedy loading with all efforts to keep the lag beasties from rearing their ugly heads. Strict script limits are being enforced. Below we have the sim maps and landing point slurls.


SIM 1:


SIM 2:


SIM 3:


View original

spring with PRISM

PRISM has just released some Newness for March, time to pack that winter wardrobe away!!
PRISM by Journey
This Neat outfit is casual and classy The PRISM Georgia outfit by Journey .,

This is the Black Leather one, you can wear it with one of the Tops included or just the jacket,

Style card.

PRISM Georgia by Journey

HAIR- Jade in Black by EMO tions

Jewelry Feathers by PM


If you prefer a more Colorful look
PRISM Georgia by Journey in HIBISCUS is perfect!

Striking Colors and again This outfit has a choice of two tops, or jacket with no top.

Style card

PRISM Georgia by Journey in Hibiscus

HAIR by EMO tions GWEN in Naturals

Bangles by YS&YS Simoun

Jewelry VISION earrings and Necklace in Gold by FINESMITH

Shoes are SAX SHEPHERD Flirt cross Strap Heels

For use only with Slink feet

Next we have the Newly released Cute Mini Dress PRISM Chelsea by Journey this is the IMPERIAL version,
With its rather Gorgeous Oriental Design and Cut away Sleeves, Great for that party you are heading for.

Style card

PRISM Chelsea by Journey in Imperial

HAIR EMO tions ALISHA in Naturals 3

Shoes again BY SAX SHEPHERD for use only with Slink Feet


Then we have PRISM Chelsea in Dragonfly
PRISM Xia Firethorn

Classy a little sexy and that cut away in the arm. style it up!

Style Card

PRISM Chelsea by Journey in Dragonfly

HAIR BAYOU by Analog dog in spice
Analog Dog Hair Island, Analog Dog Hair (181, 108, 22)

MAGIC NOOK Parisian romance Clutch Bag

Shoes SSD Caress by SAX SHEPHERD for use with Slink Feet only

Feet by Slink

Nails Jamman

Finally if you are heading off to the Beach for Easter PRISM Annie by Journey is a perfect outfit for taking someone or your Dog for a walk along the Beach, with Its fringed fitted top, cute sexy shorts and a pair of fringe Boots to match.
xia firethorn/prism

PRISM-Annie by Journey.

Hair Apple moustache in spice by Analog Dog
Puppydog by Manticore

SAX SHEPHERD DESIGNS-Keokuk Jewlery set in jade

Have a Fabulous Day

Much Love